Cabinet Refinishing

Refinish your existing cabinets using the highest quality finish.

If your kitchen or bathroom cabinets looks outdated but they are still in good condition, then consider getting them refinished.  Instead of painting your cabinets with roll on paint you can buy at Home Depot, instead we are spraying a professional cabinet grade finish on your cabinet boxes and doors, the same great finish a professional cabinet company would use for a new kitchen. Scroll down to learn more about our finish.

Finish choices are almost unlimited.  We can color match any Sherwin-Williams or Benjamin Moore brand colors in flat, matte, or gloss finishes. We use Stealth® products, the latest technology in durable, long-lasting wood finishing. As a high solids, pigmented, non-yellowing, post-catalyzed amino alkyd conversion varnish, its lower odor and offers exceptional resistance to water, solvents and household chemicals. Stealth® can be tinted in over 1,000 colors and is available in 275 VOC compliant formulas. Below are just a few popular colors that are available. Contact us for more details.

cabinet refinishing

We use the highest quality products.

We ensure that every project uses only the highest quality products.  Our finish paint is a post-catalyzed amino alkyd conversion varnish, a top of the line finish that we can stand behind with our 5 year warranty. We work with the best companies, like M.L Campbell®, and Hawk® products; the industry standard.  Contact us for more details.

Why Refinish Rather Than Replace?

  • Refinishing is the most economical way to give the feel of a new kitchen, pantry, or bathroom.
  • Refinishing adds value to your home and may make it easier to sell.
  • Refinishing your cabinets drastically change the appearance of any room with the least amount of money, stress, and hassle.
  • Our professional coating system ensures a long-lasting, beautiful surface that is easy to clean.
  • Refinishing can be a simple answer to the remodeling question.

Our Standard Colors

The colors below are our most popular finishes and come at no extra charge. We can however spray any color of your choosing but will cost a premium.

Our Standard Colors

The colors below are our most popular finishes and come at no extra charge. We can however spray any color of your choosing but will cost a premium.

Suncoast Refinishing Custom Color

To see our selection of new door styles please call, visit our desktop site or go to

New Door Installation

Are your cabinet boxes structurally sound, but you are in need of an update? Suncoast Refinishing professionally installs new doors and drawer fronts, giving your kitchen, pantry or bathroom the look you’ve always wanted without tearing anything out!

We have a wide variety of custom styles to choose from, listed below. Thermofoil doors are available in Round or Square Corners, Shaker, and Contemporary. Both styles are offered in many colors and finishes.  Below is just a sampling of these styles.  Contact us for a complete selection.


Semi-Custom Doors

Thermofoil Doors

Custom Cabinet Solutions

Make meaningful improvements to your home with upgrades such as soft close hinges or drawers, trash can pullouts or spice racks. Our team of experienced professionals can help you every step of the way with solutions tailored to your needs. We also professionally design, build and install new cabinets, right here in Sarasota. The possibilities are endless!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you remodel kitchens?

We do! We work with clients from start to finish to create a complete kitchen solution. We utilize professional design software so you can see a visual 3d representation of your new kitchen or bathroom! We offer free estimates, so tell us your vision and we can show you how to turn it into a reality!

Do you only refinish kitchen cabinets?

We refinish cabinets throughout the home, not just in your kitchen! This includes bathroom vanities, laundry rooms, powder rooms, offices and pantries. We also refinish countertops, tub and tile.

    How do we refinish cabinets?

    First, all of your doors and drawer fronts are removed (those are taken back to our shop for their makeover) we will then seal all of your cabinet openings so we don’t get any overspray on the inside (which means you don’t need to empty your cabinets and all your dishes stay inside safely!) We will then mask/cover the entire cabinet area, including walls, floors (HD Flooring paper), countertops, backsplash, and ceiling. Your stove and refrigerator will be pulled out however, we will make sure your refrigerator stays plugged in.

    Next, we isolate the area containing the cabinets using a visqueen/plastic (Zip Wall) and set up our ventilation system, this consists of a 12” hose connected to our exhaust fan that will be run to the outside through a door or window. This will create a negative pressure area inside our walls ensuring that all the dust, spray, etc. that we create will be contained within our working area and have no effect on the rest of your home. On most kitchens, this whole process will take all the first day.

    After everything is protected we sand your cabinets and get them prepped for finishing. Now for the fun part! First, everything gets several coats of a post catalyzed high solid primer, once it is dried it will be sanded smooth and then several coats of (any color) catalyzed conversion varnish finish will be applied. (All finished are applied with a top of the line HVLP fine finish spray gun.

    After all the finishes are applied we will remove all the paper, plastic, tape, etc. clean up the area and you will have full access to your kitchen again, no more takeout. Your newly refinished doors and drawer fronts will be reinstalled within the next 7-14 workdays.

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